We serve the technological evolution

of Italian households

ePRICE is the first Italian e-Commerce company. We decided to work in Italy because our country has a great potential and is the most beautiful country in the world. We sell millions of products every year, offering our clients the convenience of buying online, also through smartphones, and the opportunity to choosing among many options of delivery and payment. Our Mission is to serve the technological evolution of Italian households.

ePRICE has a catalogue of more than 1 million different products, thousands of special offers also activated by our 3P Marketplace, with a special focus on high tech products and appliances.

We support our clients step by step throughout the buying and installation process, offering a full service platform.

Claudio Calabi


ePRICE Management


Foundation of ePRICE


Banzai acquires ePRICE


Banzai Spa IPO


Sales of SaldiPrivati and Banzai Media


Banzai Spa becomes ePRICE Spa


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